The Podcast-Hosting Platform

Podigee enables you to easily publish your podcast episodes by combining a streamlined interface built for podcast publishing with modern cloud technology. We help you focus on content by automating many of the steps necessary to get your next episode out to your audience. Not convinced yet? See for yourself by signing up for our free 14-day trial. No strings attached!

Why are we building Podigee?

We love podcasts because they allow people to broadcast their ideas and knowledge all around the world. But we also know that getting a podcast published is also a lot of work. Sometimes too much work if you’re not a technical person. With Podigee, we want to make publishing podcasts approachable for beginners but also faster and easier for experienced podcasters.

Who is building Podigee?

We – Ben and Mati – are software engineers with a passion for delightful-to-use web applications that simplify complicated processes. We do this by combining modern cloud technology with almost 20 years of experience in web and application development.