General hints for submitting your feed

When you submit your podcast to a directory, it needs to meet a few requirements. If you publish your podcast with Podigee, your feed will already be optimized and all ready for submission to the directories listed below.

If you encounter any problems when submitting your podcast to one of the directories, please get in touch with us so we can help you with the submission.

Use either the MP3 ( or AAC ( feed for submission to ensure maximum compatibility with podcasting clients.

List of podcast directories

iTunes Podcast Directory

BlackBerry is not just a mobile handset manufacturer, they also host a podcast directory where people using the BlackBerry podcast app can search for your podcast.

Submit your podcast feed

  1. Create an account with RIM Podcast and login to proceed.
  2. Click the Submit a New Podcast button
  3. Enter your RSS feed
  4. Check their directory for your entry

<a href="" title="DoubleTwist" target="_blank"">DoubleTwist</a> is a popular desktop and mobile software for consuming audio and video content. They also have a directory of podcasts.

Submit your podcast feed

To submit your podcast to DoubleTwist, go to their contact page and choose Request New Podcast from the Subject dropdown. Then enter your contact details and your podcast's title and RSS feedURL and click Submit.

It still may take a few days for your entry to show up in their directory.

The iTunes Podcast directory is the largest one out there and if you're serious about promoting your podcast, you need to be listed there.

You need an account with iTunes to submit and manage your podcast entry to the directory.

Test your podcast feed

The easiest way to test your podcast feed is to subscribe to it via iTunes. Follow these steps:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. From the File menu, choose Subscribe to Podcast.
  3. Enter your feed URL in the text box and click OK.

Submit your podcast feed

If you're ready to submit your podcast, follow the steps below to submit it to the directory. Please note that it can take several days for it to be accepted. You'll receive an email once it's in the directory.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. In the navigation bar along the top, click the iTunes Store button on the far right to open the store.
  3. Once the store loads, click Podcasts in the navigation bar to go to the podcasts page.
  4. In the right column on the podcasts page, below the Podcast Quick Links header, click the Submit a Podcast link.
  5. Paste your feed URL into the Podcast Feed URL field and click Continue.
  6. Review your podcast's data and click Submit to finish the process.

Miro is a non-profit organization. They provide an open-source iTunes like cross-platform software for consuming audio and video content. Miro Guide is their podcast directory.

Submit your podcast feed

  1. Register for a Miro Guide account
  2. Hover over your username in the top-right corner
  3. Click Submit a show
  4. Enter your podcast's name and RSS feed URL
  5. Click I am the creator

The page is available in German only is a German site for finding new and interesting podcasts.

Submit your podcast feed

To add your podcast you have to first sign up here. After your account has been activated you can log in and add your podcast to the directory.

The page is available in German only is a German site for finding new and interesting podcasts.

Submit your podcast feed

Simply go to their contact form and type in the name, description and feed URL of your podcast into the field Nachricht.

For English-speaking podcasters: The field Betreff translates to "Subject" and Nachricht to "Message".

Stitcher is a mobile application that allows the user to find and listen to radio stations and podcasts.

Submit your podcast feed

Go to their Application page, enter your data into the form at the bottom of the page, and submit it. Someone from the Stitcher team will contact you to help you get started.

<a href="" title="Tunein Radio" target="_blank"">Tunein Radio</a> is a directory for radio live streams that also lists podcasts. They have mobile applications for various platforms that can search the directory and play content.

Submit your podcast feed

To submit your podcast to Tunein Radio you need to send an email with your podcast's name, RSS feed URL and description to