To configure and see the addresses of the podcast feeds, go to http://www.podigee.com/podcasts (log in if necessary) and click on the name of the podcast you want to configure. Then choose the tab Feeds.

Number of feed items

Here you can change how many episodes appear in the podcast feed. By default the latest 10 episodes are included. You can choose to include up to 100 episodes in the feed.

A word of warning

Don’t set the number of episodes too high. If your episode metadata is large (for example, if it has a lot of text for show notes), some podcast clients (including iTunes) won’t be able to read your feed properly.

To provide a solution for this, Podigee offers paged feeds that allow podcast clients to find all episodes. It keeps feed sizes low by only showing the latest episodes and adds more information to the feed that allows a podcast client to find all episodes of a podcast.

Unfortunately, only a few clients support this. If you’d like your favorite podcast client to support it too, please write them a message and point them to this URL: http://podlove.org/paged-feeds/